Pictured (L-R): EUReKA! Science Program's Zach Bullock - Assistant Director and Kiera Duffy - Director, with Allnorth's Tanya Wilcox - Project Administrator

International Women in Engineering Day is an international awareness campaign designed to raise the profile of women in engineering and bring attention to the amazing career opportunities available to women and girls in this exciting industry. The Allnorth team showed its support for INWED22 in several ways, through donation activities, snapping selfies and sharing inspiring thoughts about the profession.

EUReKA! Science Program Support

As part of its support for #INWED22, our Kamloops division made a donation to EUReKA! Science Camps held at The Thompson Rivers University (TRU) every summer.  Each year, TRU receives applications for subsidies from parents who cannot afford to send their children to camp, so the team wanted to ensure that one more kid gets to experience STEM activities in a fun and supportive environment this year.  We specifically requested that our donation covers the week of registration fees for a girl wishing to enroll in the Girls Only Week. Thank you to our Kamloops donors!  


Inspirational Support

In addition to contributing photos of support to our INWED22 selfie reel, some Team Members shared inspirational answers to questions posed:

Internation WIE Day 2022_RamoutarQ: Name one of your favourite moments in your engineering career

Getting to see the spent fuel pool inside the reactor building of a nuclear power plant. The plant was shut down for a refueling outage which is why we were allowed in. The spent fuel was glowing blue and lit up the insides of the reactor building. Very cool experience - Reesha Ramouter, P.E. | Structural Engineer

Sidney Roy INWED22



Q: Name one of your favourite moments in your engineering career

A: My favourite moment was the day I found out that I was granted my P.Eng. (which was this year!). When I was 15 years old I set out my goal of one day becoming a professional engineer. It took me 12 years but I finally achieved it! Getting the email that day was one of the most exciting days of my life. - Sidney Roy, P.Eng. | Assistant Division Manager


Carla VQ: What would you like to say to all young women out there who are thinking of becoming an engineer?

A: As a proposal professional working in engineering consulting, I can only commend the women engineers I’ve had the privilege to work with throughout my 12+ years in this industry. I’ve yet to come across women in engineering that didn’t impress me with their knowledge, expertise and exceptional work ethic. I honestly believe that the engineering world can only benefit from having more women join this field! - Carla Venter,  Proposal Manager








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