After successfully wrapping up our involvement in the Highway 16 Restricted Crossing U-Turn Treatment (RCUT) project for the Ministry of Highways (MoH) in the fall of 2023, we are thrilled to share some exciting news -  Allnorth has achieved a great Project Review from Ministry of Highways! During a meeting between our team lead, Ali Al-Mahdawe, project manager, Scott Holmes and the MoH’s Construction Delivery Team, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that our team achieved the highest project performance scores from the Ministry of Highways.

This exceptional achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work shown by our team throughout the project. Collaboration was at the heart of our success, with several departments playing a crucial role in ensuring the project's execution. The project exemplifies the power of teamwork, with the Municipal team, the Structural team, and the Construction Services team collaborating seamlessly to bring the project to completion.

The Ministry awarded Allnorth the project through the Safety Improvement commission to complete the contract administration and construction management of the high-profile project, as the intersection treatment geometrics are the first of its kind in Canada. The project presented numerous challenges and risks, being late in the season and with the expectation for the intersection to be operational before snowfall, our team rose to the occasion and completed the project ahead of schedule.


Revolutionizing Road Safety

The intersection had an unfortunate record of being a high collision area due to increase in traffic volumes and changes to the traffic patterns, demanding a robust solution for the safety of commuters. It is a crucial route for commuters from Highway 14/7 to bypass Saskatoon, and for residents of Dalmeny and Langham commuting to the city.

Following a meticulous safety review initiated in 2018, the innovative RCUT design was determined as the most effective and economical solution. Given it is the first RCUT in Saskatchewan, assembling an experienced and knowledgeable team was crucial. The team's expertise ensured the project's success and adherence to the highest safety standards, completing the project ahead of schedule. In 2023, Allnorth Consultants Limited, ASL Paving Ltd., and the Ministry of Highways completed construction on Highway 16, showcasing the forward-thinking approach to a safer intersection design. This project is a part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s Highways Safety Improvement Program, marking a pivotal moment in addressing safety concerns at a vital intersection just northwest of Saskatoon.


By integrating u-turns and constructing four ramps (two on-ramps and two off-ramps), traffic flow is optimized, effectively eliminating the need for through and left-turn traffic to cross Highway 16 and allowing constant traffic flow. This reconfiguration, coupled with a reduction in speed limit to 80km per hour, significantly enhances safety at the intersection, reflecting a proactive approach to mitigating potential hazards.



Due to the nature of the new intersection design and the fact that most commuters may have never navigated an RCUT before, all signs and painted lines were reviewed closely to ensure that they would safely direct drivers. A strategic choice of inlaid thermoplastic line-marking technology ensures clear and durable pavement markings. Standard line painting only lasts a year before starting to fade and degradation occurs more quickly when traffic must drive over it to change lanes. All lane lines, merge arrows, and u-turn arrows were constructed with thermoplastic pavement markings to ensure that drivers of the RCUT can see the pavement markings and safely navigate the RCUT intersection.


Tight U-Turn

The project utilizes a u-turn lane constructed within the median of Highway 16. The u-turn is constructed with a paved driving lane with a red brick-coloured concrete island that has a mountable curb for large vehicles needing additional room to make the u-turn. Having a rolled curb and island allows the u-turn to have a tighter radius and still accommodate large farm equipment and semis. Opting for concrete over traditional pavement enhances longevity, especially crucial considering the frequent passage of heavy farm equipment and semis on the inner radius. The red additive helps drivers distinguish where the driving lane is. Because the red colour is integrated with the concrete, it doesn't wear away like paint, further reducing maintenance costs.


The completion of the Highway No. 16 Construction Project highlights a collaborative effort, stressing a commitment to innovation and safety excellence. The RCUT project was awarded the Innovation/Technology Award at the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association’s 2023 Industry Award Gala. This process not only demonstrates Allnorth’s engineering capabilities but also supports #SafetyInEverythingWeDo, with the project providing a positive impact on community safety.

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