National Engineering Month celebrates the diversity of thought, opportunities, and people that make up the engineering profession, and demonstrates that there’s a place for everyone in engineering. The focus is to show how engineering shapes our daily lives and to foster a strong, diverse, and inclusive engineering culture. 

To help shine a light on the profession, several of our team members have shared why they chose engineering as a career and/or what they like about working in the industry.

We also had some fun with it in this "movie trailer".

Maz Mohaseb“Throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed problem-solving and applying scientific concepts to real-world problems. As a kid, I would design toys by sketching them out and then build them using materials I found around the house. Engineering was a natural career choice because it provided me with an outlet for my technical and creative interests. It has also provided me with unique opportunities to travel the world, meet and work with great people, and build some world-class projects. Engineers at Allnorth find their role to be quite dynamic and are presented with new challenges each day. This allows them an opportunity for accelerated learning and career development.”

Maz Mohaseb, P.Eng.

Division Manager - Vancouver 


Taylor Headshot




Engineering is a very dynamic industry; you learn something new every day. Since joining Allnorth, I've discovered that I've grown talents in places I never expected, which is a great feeling. One of the best aspects of working in the engineering field is the abundance of prospects for advancement.”

Taylor Myers

Project Administrator - Vancouver




Kirsch Bruer_cropped



"I was inspired to become an engineer through my studies of history and past engineers who left their mark on the world by creating engineering marvels. I mostly enjoy the reward of accomplishment I feel when I help create something spectacular or improve on something.

I really enjoy all the large-scale projects I have been a part of during my time with Allnorth; particularly in the oil and gas industry. I have no regrets about joining Allnorth and the move to the company."

Kirsch Bruer

Civil Engineer-in-Training



David Hardwicke“ My focus, as a BC and Canada Lands Surveyor, has been to support the various engineering projects that Allnorth tackles, from the ground up. As a project develops through consultation with a prospective client, the primary step is to ensure the tenure of the project is secure, delineated on the ground and any limitations (rights of way, etc.) are well understood by all parties. The prosperity of any and all economic development begins and continues to rely on ownership. The next time you spot a legal corner post on your or others’ land, stop and reflect on what it means. It means YOU are the beneficiary, in a real monetary sense, of someone else’s risk that they took to achieve their dream. All our wealth stems from the land. Be mindful of that and know that it is illegal to disturb a legal corner post for a reason: it’s not yours - it belongs to everyone ..."

David J. Hardwicke, BCLS, CLS, P. Surv, P.Eng

Land Surveyor

Terrace, BC branch of Allnorth Land Surveyors



Alyssa C



"I wanted to pursue a career that was challenging but also rewarding in the sense of helping people. Engineers have a huge impact on the world by improving the quality of life of people and the environment. Coming home at the end of each workday knowing you are making a difference is what I was striving for since I was a teenager. Being an Engineer is exciting because no two days are the same!"

Alyssa is pictured on site working on the Landfill Assessment Project at the North Atlantic Refinery in Come by Chance, Newfoundland.


Alyssa Comerford

Civil Engineer-in-Training



IMG_1251_crop 2"Coming from a company that focused on a specific industry, Allnorth has provided me the opportunity for learning and visibility into sectors in which I had little to no previous experience. 

 It is exciting to expand your knowledge and be afforded the opportunity to learn about advances in new technologies and processes such as non-wood sustainable pulp. The engineering services business is just as exciting for someone who is not technically trained but can add value while they learn throughout their career journey."

Darryl Bell

Chief Corporate Development Officer


Sidney Roy



"Allnorth has allowed me to grow into the Engineer that I have always wanted to be. Within Engineering, there are so many different sectors and disciplines, and it’s really difficult to choose your career path at a young age. Allnorth has exposed me to many different facets of Engineering, and when I chose my passion, they helped foster my growth in that area. I am very proud and lucky to be an Engineer at Allnorth!"


Sidney Roy, P. Eng., EPt

Assistant Division Manager





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