The United Nations describes the term renewable energy as energy derived from natural sources which is replenished at a faster rate than it is consumed. Mexico is geographically privileged with not only oil and natural gas, but with vast hours of sun and plenty of wind. While the oil and gas industry has been widely developed over the past five decades, solar and wind industries are still relatively new but are on the rise. As fossil fuel prices continue to rise, and oil and gas reserves continue to diminish, the energy industry is looking toward the future, and so is Mexico and Allnorth Ingénieria in Hermosillo.  


Less than 30% of the energy produced in Mexico (both publicly and privately) comes from a renewable source. While this percentage is still very low, it has been on the rise over the last 10 years, and its growth is expected to continue. More and more companies follow the trend in renewable energy by installing solar panels. 

In September 2022, Allnorth Ingénieria officially opened the renewable energy projects division, partnering our local talents with Energetika, a company with over 12 years of experience in the renewable energy industry and with operations on both sides of the Atlantic. Together, we will combine energy efficiency and the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide value and savings to clients from the first day, not just over time. Using the latest technologies, Energetika achieves connectivity at all levels of an operation and generates unique and specialized information, while guaranteeing savings in energy consumption.  

Our combined participation in providing renewable energy, will not only be to install solar panels, but also to audit companies’ energy use, whether it be from facilities such as offices, buildings, or processing plants to entire cities. We can make the process more efficient even before installing the first solar panel by using sensor technology to program lightning systems, HVAC systems or even the machinery. Our partner, Energetika, uses a software solution to monitor the efficiency of all these systems to better plan maintenance, know exactly where the energy consumption is coming from, and save money. One of the company’s significant projects involved replacing lighting for an entire city. Not only did Energetika improve luminosity for the general public, but they also substantially decreased the city’s energy bill.  

 Allnorth  Ingénieria is located in the Mexican state of Sonora, which is not only the country’s main mining hub, but also boasts one of the highest solar radiation levels in the region. As the nexus of the impending solar revolution in Mexico, Sonora is an attractive place for private companies and governments alike to invest in solar energy projects. As more and more renewable energy projects at all scales will continue to be developed, Allnorth Ingénieria will continue to contribute with innovative solutions, utilizing the talents of our people and partners. With an increasing demand in the use of new technologies, we foresee a successful future for our renewable energy division by fulfilling the needs of our clients.  

Thank you to Andres Navarro and Iván Vazquez for their contributions to this article. To engage Andres or Iván for help on your next project, please visit this page for contact information.  

 Iván Vázquez Lizárraga, Renewable Energy Division Head, has vast experience in solar energy projects both in the private and commercial sector, having worked on these types of projects for the last several years. He is also currently completing a master’s degree program for sustainable development, specializing in energy efficiency. Ivan previously also worked on HVAC projects, developing preventive and corrective maintenance programs, ensuring the systems’ long-term durability and efficiency, mainly for clients within the industrial sector. 

Andres Navarro, Mining Engineer & Engineering Manager is a mining engineer with seven years of experience in mining engineering. Andres graduated from the Universidad de Sonora in Hermosillo, Mexico with a degree in Mining Engineering. He also completed an MBA at York St. John University in York, England in 2022. He is a dynamic professional working in Canada, Mexico and Latin America. Andres is a Mexican citizen with excellent exceptional interpersonal and communication skills and determination have allowed his successful development in mining engineering, project management, cost controls, human relations, business development, safety and planning.

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